Transworld 2017 is coming fast!!!

We are excited to announce that we will be attending Transworld’s Halloween show once again! Come to our booth at 1131 and see the things we are currently working on as well as the trusted Zombie Skin products you all know and trust!!!


What is Zombie Skin???

Zombie Skin is convenient, quick, and easy to use. Plus, all of Zombie Skin’s ingredients are completely safe and FDA approved. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced master makeup artist, Zombie Skin is a “must-have” for every makeup kit! In fact, Zombie Skin is being used by professional Makeup Artists in movies and Haunted Attractions across the globe. Order Zombie Skin today and experience the game changer in FX latex makeup!

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1 Ounce HYPOS in Original Colors and Now UV Colors 

Zombie Skin 1 oz. Hypos in 6 colors: Flesh, Red, Black, Original Formula, Zombie Rot and Now UV COLORS Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, and UV GHOST!

Our Hypos are perfect for creating veins, filling in gaps in prosthetics, and many other uses. Let the infections begin!

We just changed our tips on the Zombie Skin Hypos, they are now a locking sealed tip.  These are 100 times better than the old ones.  The new tip screws in place and as you can see the smaller tip works great for veins, extra tips will be available in our store as well.DSC_2599  DSC_2597


We are positive this is a huge improvement!!

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Upcoming Events



    We are testing the waters, we have been asked a number of times about tee shirts and hoodies? WE do have some out there that we have done for charity events and friends and family. Is there interest in anyone buying tee shirts or hoodies?? WE are thinking about having them available. ...

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    Today we are very excited to announce that we have added another member to our Zombie Skin Makeup team! She has been a user of Zombie Skin since it was introduced in 2012. You have seen her as an instructor at Transworlds Halloween and Attractions show. She is a makeup artist at the Amazing Dent School House, and we are honored to have her apart of our team. Amber Johnson-Tedrick look for her to be doing live video tutorials on our Zombie Skin Page. We are so lucky to have Justin Fears and Amber Johnson-Tedrick as our 2 Skinions!!! Welcome to the family!!! Look for these 2 artists in our booth at MHC and on the main stage doing make up demos for us!!! ...

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    We are happy to announce that we are going to be working together with Justin Fears of Phobius Haunted House in order to not only showcase Justin's amazing makeup talents but as an avid Zombie Skin user to demo and show Zombie Skin techniques!!! We could not be happier to have him on our team. ...

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    Haunted Attractions Using Zombie Skin